What could happen to churches if sinners in the community knew that those churches rescued sinners rather than sitting in haughty judgment of them?

If you know a minister or other leader whose marriage is in trouble, either because of immorality or any other reason, get them the help they need. Call us or someone like us who will fight to save those marriages.

Ministry Renovation

Those who fall from leadership roles did so for some reason. Something was not as it should have been in some area of their life, spiritual, marriage, or perhaps even the way they did ministry. To go back into ministry without learning how to do ministry without moral failure is to potentially recreate the problem, maybe even exacerbate it.

In my estimation, not enough is done by seminaries, colleges, denominational headquarters, regions, or districts to help ministers – both ordained and lay – to understand how temptations sometimes come because of ministry. Preferably, such education and forewarning should be done for everyone entering any leadership role in the kingdom. Definitely, it should be done for anyone reentering ministry after a failure. To think that because those seeking or accepting leadership positions are such good people that they will not yield to temptation is to live in some fantasyland. Real life has real problems. Real evil exists and a real devil heads a crew that would love to decimate the kingdom of God.

I, for one, would love to speak to seminaries, colleges, denominational conventions, district meetings, or any other gathering of ministry leaders to tell what we have learned in working with fallen leaders. There are others such as I. Some of them are restored fallen leaders themselves, just as I was some 25 years ago.

If your marriage or the marriage of someone you know is in trouble, click here

Joe Beam founded LovePath International, an organization that provides marriage help to hurting couples

Publication date: September 7, 2011