The Workbook Must Have Specific Application

Jesus commanded us to teach disciples to obey. Because obedience requires specific changes in behavior, the application of Scripture must be definite, genuine, and take into account the complexities of life. No lesson is complete unless the learner leaves with a clear understanding of what he or she needs to do differently. A fresh or altered perspective will help, but to experience the full benefit of learning, a person must know how to alter his or her behavior in order to enjoy obedience to Christ.

Carefully designed questions and exercises help students discover how to apply their new-found Scriptural principles for themselves in personal ways.

The Workbook Must Be Flexible

Each person, each teacher, and each group is different. Everyone does not learn in the same way, and each teacher has a personal style that works better for him or her. And, let's face it; everyone does not come to the group session prepared. So, any Bible study resource must be adaptable to the needs of the group and the gifts of the leader.

The Creative Ministries team is particularly excited to see this powerful new resource in the hands of fellow disciple-makers around the world. So, You Want to Be Like Christ? is a study that has far-reaching implications for the spiritual life of believers, and the perfect study to begin this new format.

p> Jesus said, “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments” (John 14:15). The eight essential spiritual disciplines discussed in this book begin and end with an emphasis on our relationship with God. It's the essence of both discipleship and disciple-making. In terms of The Great Commission, this is a practical, applicable combination of teaching and learning material. Leading others toward greater intimacy with the Almighty is our highest privilege as believers. We trust you will find this resource an invaluable tool in your personal ministry.