The chairman of the board of the real estate company heard what was going on and about our need. Two days before one of the monthly checks was going to be deposited, which would have “bounced,” he wrote a check and sent it via courier to me. I opened the envelope and discovered a six-figure check from him to cover the checks we had written—and he did that five times throughout the project. The checks were loans, not gifts—but at least we were able to stay on track with our project.


We called out to the Lord and ask Him to let us come to Him on the water, and He said, “Come!’ We got out of the boat and began to walk by faith. There times when we though the waves would overwhelm us, but by His presence and the strength of His hand we made our way through.


Pastors who exercise faith will grow significant churches. The world is hungry to believe there is something beyond the natural realm in this life. And who should be able to manifest the supernatural to the world better than the church of Jesus Christ? If you are standing at the side of the boat, looking at Jesus, step out and walk toward Him. Without faith it is impossible to please Him (Hebrews 11:6).


I began by saying that size matters--and it does. Our enemy is large but our Lord is larger. The priorities I have discussed will make it possible for God to do everything necessary through His church to defeat the works of the enemy in this world. The most significant church is the one whose priorities allow the Lord of the church to do significant things through it.


Moving Beyond Your Limits


1. Where do you see yourself/your church five years from now? What are you doing today to prepare for what you believe God wants to do in five years?


2. How flexible are you? That is, if God gave you instructions to begin a new phase of life and ministry, how quickly could you respond? What are the things that would keep you from responding quickly?


3. Is there a particular prayer you pray daily or weekly that keeps you on the cutting edge of preparedness for God’s movement in your life? If not, what might such a prayer consist of?


4. If God chose to multiply the size and impact of your ministry beginning tomorrow, would you be ready for such a change? What changes would you have to make to assume the changed roles and responsibilities that would come with such multiplication?


5. If a stranger spent 30 days in your church, how do you think he or she would answer this question: “What evidence is there that this church has a vision for saving the lost?” How much of your church’s vision for the lost, or lack of it, is reflective of your own priorities and ministry?