But I do think one of the most pervasive issues we will see time and again in the different ITeams ministries we serve with will be homelessness. First, in the literal sense of someone needing a roof over their head. But perhaps even more, in the sense of the refugee: those who have no land to call their own. Even in just the first two months of this project, my eyes have been opened to what an enormous issue this is across the globe and how many people desperately need a place to call home.

Do you have any idea what you might do once this trip is over?

"That is a great question that Andrew and I would love to know the answer ourselves! I know this project will have a huge impact in our lives and for now, I think we are both just praying that the Lord will use it to guide our hearts and prepare us for the work he has set out for us in the years after this is all over."

Any insights on the difference between cleaning bathrooms in the States and cleaning them in Athens?

"Haha. The concepts of toilet bowl cleaner and a toilet brush don't seem to translate in Greece. At least in some places. If you ever find yourself in Athens with some bleach, a bucket, and a squatty-potty, you have my deepest empathy."

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