Upon conclusion, he closes the book, sits down and when every eye is “fixed on Him” he says “Today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” (Luke 4:21) Jesus is describing the kingdom of God in which all that has resulted from sin and the Fall is being restored. The call upon humanity is to repent of their sins and forsake them that they might enter the kingdom and be saved.

It is the reign of God or this full gospel that the church is sent into the world to bring forth as God’s instrument and to which it bears witness in its life and community. The reign of God concerns the whole of creation to include society and culture in which the church demonstrates the reign of God within a distinct community, serves the world through compassion and mercy, and proclaims the risen Christ as the only means by which one may enter the kingdom of God.

Next week we will attempt to finally answer the question: “What is the church’s mission?” under a theocentric scenario now that we have broadened our definition of the gospel. Click here to read Part 3.

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