3) We anticipate there will be the inevitable tensions between generations as retiring leaders pass the baton to a younger generation. Younger leaders will need great wisdom to both show respect for their heroes in the faith as well as learn that some disagreements with them are okay. For their part, older leaders must plan ahead to train a new generation of leaders and empower a deep and broad network of capable, young ministers for faithful ministry for the years ahead. We are encouraged to see many good examples of these things in both generations.

Hope in God

We don't pretend to know how or if these three tensions will resolve. Certainly we will be disappointed if they rise to the level of splitting the movement. But no movement of God can or should long endure if Christians cannot treat one another with grace. We have been given much; we agree on much; we ought to love much. Above all, we pray God will be pleased to raise up more churches around the world that delight in our great God, proclaim his great gospel, and lift high great David's greater Son, our Lord Jesus Christ by whom all things in heaven and on earth hold together.

Kevin DeYoung is senior pastor at University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan. Collin Hansen is editorial director for The Gospel Coalition. Justin Taylor is vice president of editorial at Crossway Books.

This article was published in the series on The Future of Evangelicalism. For similar articles, view the Evangelical Portal. Article used with permission via Patheos.com.

Publication date: September 3, 2010