The widow gave all she had, so she had nothing left. She entrusted herself to God to meet her needs. She was banking on God, and she threw herself on Him. She needed Him and she knew there was no better place for her to be than in His hands. The widow gave more than the rich men, not in portion, but in proportion. Where she gave 100 percent, they just gave the leftovers.

There is a great story of sacrifice in the book of 1 Kings 17. The widow of Zarephath was down to her last meal, and God told her to give it to the prophet Elijah. She trusted God and did as He said, preparing the last of her food for Elijah. The widow and her son prepared to die because they knew they would have nothing left to eat. But God intervened and provided unending amounts of flour and oil, and they were able to eat for many more days. She put God first, trusted His Word, and obeyed Him, and He rewarded her beyond what she could have imagined.

It's time for us to start putting God first, because He is God. Every day we experience God's provision, so shouldn't we trust Him to provide when we give Him the first fruits, the best of our offering instead of the leftovers? The amount of your offering is insignificant to God because it is the state of your heart that matters. If you are giving a million dollars, but it's a leftover million, it shows that God is a leftover God to you.