So, when is it time to go? It is time to go when God has taken away the burden for a particular ministry. No pastor should occupy a pulpit for which his soul does not burn. If a man does not covet the spiritual growth and development of the people and long to reach his community with the gospel, it is time for someone else to take up that office.


God has gifted pastors in different ways. Some do an excellent job of starting a new church. Other men are wonderful at soothing anguished hearts and calming troubled waters. Others skillfully encourage people toward greater spiritual maturity. To those whose gifts lie in particular areas, it is time to go when those goals have been achieved and the resources and vision for further development are exhausted.


According to Romans 12:1 and 2, you can know when it's time to go by having your life completely given over to God. You should not seek to be conformed to this age, but have a mind that is being transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit. When you fulfill these conditions, you will know when it's time to go.


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