1) Egypt Represents the State of the Lost—It was there in Egypt that Pharaoh, the cruel task master, came against the nation of Israel. Egypt represents a picture of the world, a picture of the lost person who is bound by sin and broken by Satan.

2) Pharaoh Represents Satan—God came to deliver the nation of Israel from their harsh task master.

3) Passover Lamb Represents the Conversion Experience—The Lord covered the sins of His people and opened the Red Sea for their deliverance from sin and captivity. At one time we too were bound by sin; we were slaves to sin and this world. But, Jesus paid the price of our sins on the Cross and set us free and gave us a new life.

B) The Carnal Experience—However, many Israelites who left Egypt never made it into Canaan. They wandered in the wilderness for the rest of their life. Now, there is a legitimate wilderness experience, but God never intended for His people to live so long in the wilderness. If one lives in the wilderness too long, they become what the Bible calls a carnal Christian. Carnal Christians never really entered into Canaan and experienced all that God has prepared for them. When we first come to know Christ as Savior, the Bible calls us "babes in Christ." It’s okay to be a baby for awhile, but not all our lifetime. There comes a time when we grow up in the things of God, in the principles and the promises of God, and we want the meat to eat and not just the soup to sip. We want to know all the blessings and all the principles of God’s Word for our heart and our life. Too many are content to live in the wilderness.

C) The Canaan Experience—There is a conversion experience, and possibly a carnal experience; but God wants you and me to have the Canaan experience. Canaan represents several pictures.

1) It Represents a Picture of Release—The people of Israel had been in bondage and slavery, but God set them free. God desires for His people to be free from the shackles of sin and to know victory in every area of life. That’s why Paul wrote in Romans 6:14 that "we were once slaves to sin, but we do not have to allow sin to have dominion over us now." The sinner is still bound by Satan and his plans for their life. But for God’s people, Canaan meant release. Not only did it mean release, but it also meant refreshment.

2) It Means Refreshment—For forty years the Israelites in the wilderness ate manna. They had manna every day, seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year, for forty long years. No one ever asked, "What’s for breakfast today?" They knew what it was. They lived every day eating manna. But, Canaan represented refreshment -- a land of variety and plenty. It is okay to eat manna once in a while, but it is God’s plan for you and me to have victory in every area of our life. Do you not want to be refreshed, revived and touched by the power of God in every area of your life? For the nation of Israel, Canaan represented release, but it also represented refreshment.

I am reminded of the story about a pastor who visited a man who had not been to church for quite some time. The man made all kinds of excuses why he had missed like, "The kids have been sick, and it has rained a lot." The pastor responded, "It is always dry in the church." To which the man replied, "Well, that’s another reason I haven’t been coming."

The supernatural power of God is available to touch every fiber of our life and help us live the victorious Christian life. For God’s people, Canaan represents release and refreshment.

3) It Represents Rest—The book of Hebrews calls it the land of rest. This does not mean rest from work, but rest while you work. Jesus said, "Come unto me and I will give you rest." The Israelites had come out of Egypt, but they had no rest. They had wandered around the wilderness, but they had no rest.

Are you tired of going in circles, without purpose in your life? Don’t you want to have the joy of Jesus, the comfort of Christ, and the strength of the Spirit? Are you tired of being confused and defeated? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? If you want His rest, then you must leave the wilderness and go to Canaan.