If the answer is yes, then that is Pentecostal preaching; and it is my conviction that expository preaching will help to firm up, clarify, and better explain the exegetical base from which those doctrines emerge.

Why Pentecostals Should Preach Expository Sermons

Expository preaching is a philosophy that—when done intentionally and thoughtfully—will provide Pentecostal preachers with the ability to deal with relevant issues with confidence that their proclamations are firmly based on the rightly divided Word of God. It does not limit creativity or minimize the value of other forms of communication but rather helps to clarify what preaching really involves and grounds the speaker and the audience in the scripture.

Expository preaching does not require that one deny his culture, personality or delivery style; but the Pentecostal preacher rather takes those vital ingredients and weds them to the proclamation of the authoritative, transforming message of the gospel. Ultimately, the greatest value of expository preaching for the Pentecostal preacher is the opportunity to partner with the Holy Spirit from the determination of the biblical concept to the final delivery of the message.


Jeff C. Magruder is Assistant Professor of Bible and Church Ministries at Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, Texas, and Senior Pastor of Abundant Life Assembly of God church in Grand Prairie, Texas.