And I promise you that this is a joyful and fulfilling way to live. 

Please pray for the last week of our month of ministry in Spain. We are excited to report that in our travels in several cities that many have a desire to start a House of Prayer. We have prayed in several locations where a House of Prayer is beginning. Young people everywhere are eager to pray as well as church leaders and pastors. We are absolutely amazed at how prayer is spreading all over this nation and around the world. We just arrived in the nation of Gibraltar and will be praying with many here this week. We anticipate Houses of Prayer all throughout Spain as well as one here in Gibraltar. 
“God puts no limitations on His ability to save through true praying. No hopeless conditions, no accumulation of difficulties, no desperation in distance or circumstances can hinder the success of real prayer. The possibilities of prayer are linked to the infinite rectitude and to the omnipotent power of God. There is nothing too hard for God to do. God is pledged if we ask, we shall receive God can withhold nothing from faith and prayer.” E. M. Bounds

Debbie Przybylski

Intercessors Arise International

International House of Prayer KC Staff