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The Six-Liter Club is a Story Out of Time

The Six-Liter Club is the fictional story of Camille Weller, the first African-American and female surgeon hired in the Emergency Room of the Medical College of Virginia. In the 1980s, this would have been a big deal. Now, not so much. Unfortunately, there's nothing in the story that gives us a sense of the eighties, which gave the whole story a feeling of déjà vu.

  • Susan Ellingburg |
  • October 18, 2010 |
  • comments
Spidey Sense: Jeff Dunn Discusses Spritual Insights from the Spider-Man Movies

Jeff Dunn, co-author of The Soul of Spider-Man: Unexpected Spiritual Insights from the Legendary Superhero, sits down with Crosswalk to talk about great power, great responsibility, and great heroes.

Someone to Blame

In Someone to Blame, author C. S. Lakin explores our need to assign reason and fix blame for the pain and grief in our lives. Though the circumstances are fictional, the emotions are real and universal. Read an excerpt from Chapter One.

Pittman Shines Light on Mormon Society in For Time & Eternity

Allison Pittman succeeds at drawing the reader in emotionally in For Time & Eternity. This is no lighthearted story, and often I wished I could put the book down—but just couldn’t. Unfortunately the sequel doesn’t come out until next year.

Operation Narnia Brings Christmas to Children Worldwide

Operation Christmas Child is spreading to Narnia this year with a special invitation from Georgia Henley, who plays Lucy Pevensie in the Narnia films.

  • Katherine Britton |
  • October 08, 2010 |
  • comments
Parrish's Nightmare Explores the Spiritual Realm

Whatever you believe about ghosts or paranormal activity, Nightmare will challenge you. It might even freak you out a little. Robin Parrish has created a readable, creative alternative to the secular writings populating bookstores today.

Why Plan B is Plan A: Learning What God Wants for Your Life

Pete Wilson, author of Plan B: What Do You Do When God Doesn't Show Up the Way You Thought He Would? believes that it is only by overcoming fear and giving up control that we are able to discover the life God has planned for us.

Follow The Skin Map to Fantastical Time-Travel Adventures

In The Skin Map, time travel makes for fascinating but nauseating adventure. So discovers Kit Livingstone, when he meets his great-grandfather Cosimo after an unexpected foray through one of Britain's ley lines. Apparently these mythological pathways into the past are more real than Kit ever imagined.

  • Kelley Mathews |
  • September 27, 2010 |
  • comments
Fatal Convictions Wrestles with "Justice for All"

Get ready to wrestle with larger themes of truth, justice, and courage in Fatal Convictions. Randy Singer uses the current political and religious environment as a vehicle for making readers think beyond typical cultural borders and into the heart of what "justice for all" means.

  • Kelley Mathews |
  • September 20, 2010 |
  • comments
Discussing The Wisdom of Pixar with Robert Velarde

Which Pixar film is your favorite? Author Robert Velarde talks about the virtues (and vices) explored in each Pixar movie in this interview with

Expectation vs. Reality: Straight Talk on Marital Redemption with Paul David Tripp

In What Did You Expect? Redeeming the Realities of Marriage, Paul Tripp honestly squares off with a real problem in every marriage. But he also offers real hope. Read our interview here.

What Good is God? Philip Yancey on Faith in Tragedy’s Wake

It is one thing to say, "Well, God is good because I live in a nice suburban home and my children are all Olympic athletes and making all A's in school." But what good is God, Philip Yancey asks, if you are in a prison being persecuted for your faith, or on campus when a rampage breaks out?

  • Shawn McEvoy & Ryan Duncan |
  • September 13, 2010 |
  • comments
Hope is Found in Sally John's Ransomed Dreams

Ransomed Dreams is a story of a woman pulled in many directions, forced by circumstances to choose between fidelity and fulfillment, all the while fighting her way through post traumatic stress disorder. Yet surprisingly, it's not a depressing book.

  • Kelley Mathews |
  • September 13, 2010 |
  • comments
Magical Vs. Miraculous Thinking

It is not the magic of Hogwarts that we love, but the wonder. If what I want is like magic only real and unknowable, like philosophy only personal, and like loving a person only eternal, then it sounds a good bit like loving the Christian God.

  • John Mark Reynolds |
  • September 10, 2010 |
  • comments
The Bridge of Peace

Lena Kauffman is a young Old Order Amish schoolteacher who channels her zest for living into her love of teaching. But tensions mount as she is challenged to work with a rebellious young man and deal with several crises at the schoolhouse that threaten her other students. Read more from an excerpt.

  • Cindy Woodsmall |
  • September 09, 2010 |
  • comments
Brown's Action-Packed Malacca Conspiracy Hard to Put Down

Don Brown's latest action-packed political thriller will draw you in and not let go 'til the final page. In The Malacca Conspiracy, Zack Brewer and Diane Colcernian are back to help fight terrorism from Washington, D.C. to the waters of Indonesia.

  • Kelley Mathews |
  • September 06, 2010 |
  • comments
Naomi and Her Daughters

Walter Wangerin Jr. pens the historically accurate biblical tale of Naomi and Ruth. Contemporary echoes of love, deceit, war, and political instability resonate with readers today, while rich descriptions and gritty realism cast new light on the ancient narrative. Read an excerpt.

  • Walter Wangerin Jr. |
  • September 02, 2010 |
  • comments
Walsh Continues World War II Story in The Homecoming

Fans of The Unfinished Gift will delight to reacquaint themselves with World War II fighter pilot Shawn Collins and his son, Patrick. As The Homecoming opens, Shawn has lost his wife in a fatal car accident back home, but the Army doesn't give him much time to grieve.

Your Secret Name

We all have one–a Secret Name that is. The Bible tells us so. Yet few of us know ours. Ignorantly, we’re stuck, caught up in the “Name Game,” searching for our true identity. Author Kary Oberbrunner takes you deep, past clichés to discover your Secret Name and the vision God has for your life. Read more in an excerpt.

Intriguing Havah Explores Life in Eden

Author Tosca Lee has taken the first four chapters of the Bible and filled in details I never even thought to wonder about. Did Adam and Eve tell their children about their life in the Garden? If so, did they include the part about forbidden fruit or conveniently leave that out? What was it like to be the first humans?

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