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The Sanctity of Life and its Discontents

The Judeo-Christian tradition has introduced, preserved and promoted a key insight and a core commandment. The insight is the sanctity and equality of all humans. These ideas have been neither obvious nor universal, and they are continually under assault.

Faith Evolves in Rachel Held Evans' Monkey Town

Evolving in Monkey Town follows the faith journey of author Rachel Held Evans, who, as the daughter of a Bryan College professor, was raised on conservative Christian doctrine while growing up in Dayton, Tennessee, the heart of evangelicalism.

Did Dinosaurs Coexist with Humans? An Interview with Darek Isaacs

Could it be that stories about dragons - which hail from every continent on earth - are less mythical and have more of a factual basis that binds human-and-dinosaur existence together? We asked the author of Dragons or Dinosaurs: Creation or Evolution.

Action and Suspense Come Together in Broken's Dark Tale

In Broken, Travis Thrasher spins a dark tale using the present tense. This unusual, and difficult, technique was a smart move—the pace quickens, the action intensifies, the emotions are immediate. Everything happens now. The suspense grows, indeed it starts to reverberate, as the reader moves through the short chapters.

The Twilight Feeding Frenzy

Is The Twilight Saga phenomenon just harmless, escapist entertainment? Is it nothing more than a fictitious tale of teen romance? Or is it something that easily deceives, drawing young women away from the truth to fill the empty void in their lives?

How Mentoring College Students Can Help The Slow Fade

The college years are a crucial time for people to engage in relationships that give them encouragement and support. Here's how Christians can mentor college students and help slow the church drop-out rate.

Caped Crusaders Championed in Superman on Earth: Reflections of a Fan

Author and pastor Gary Robinson, who grew up infatuated with Superman, and remains intrigued with the superhero genre even into his fifties, has recently written Superman on Earth: Reflections of a Fan, a book on his life and times with this uniquely American aspect of pop culture.

Seeds of Summer

A former rodeo queen abandons her dreams in order to care for her deceased father's ranch and her two half-siblings, only to realize with the help of a young new pastor that God can turn even the most dire circumstances into seeds of hope. Read an excerpt from Seeds of Summer.

A Woman Called Sage Mixes Revenge with Romance

DiAnn Mills combines a variety of storytelling elements to create an interesting, attention-grabbing story. Murder, romance, prejudice, revenge, Christian ethics … and the Wild West? It's a provoking combination. And it ends with a surprise conclusion to the prevailing mystery.

Eric Metaxas on Why Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Why Now

"The singular thing about Bonhoeffer that recommends him to this generation is that he calls us to a closer, authentic walk with Jesus," says author Eric Metaxas. "His life asks us, ‘How do we live as authentic Christians all the way, in the face of struggles and evil?'

Summer Reading — Books Fit for the Season, Part 2

Enjoy this list and its suggestions. Don't wait too long to get started on your summer reading. Otherwise, you will be staring at the same stack of books on Labor Day.

Summer Reading — Books Fit for the Season, Part 1

Hopefully, the stack for summer reading includes some books to read for sheer enjoyment. The following is a list of ten books that, in my opinion, make for great summer reading.

Christianity Really Is in Crisis in The Last Christian

Is it reasonable to think that Christianity could die out within the next 80 years? David Gregory addresses this premise directly in the futuristic novel, The Last Christian, giving several theories as to why it is a reasonable possibility.

Reading Fiction: The Pursuit of a Peculiar Pleasure

Stories and characters, along with the morals and themes of good fiction give voice to our own views. They're therapeutic for us as readers. And seeing them on the printed page affirms our thoughts and validates our experiences.

Holmes Crafts a Powerful Story in Crossing Oceans

In portraying Jenny, using the first person point of view, Gina Holmes draws on her personal experience as a nurse who has dealt with the sick and dying. She appears to have walked in Jenny's shoes, living the ravages of illness, grief, anger, worry, and fear.

Edge of Apocalypse

In Edge of Apocalypse, Joshua Jordan's new weapons defense system will secure America against an array of new enemies. As world events begin setting the stage for the "end of days" foretold in Revelation, Jordan must weigh the personal price he must pay to save the nation he loves.

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  • May 19, 2010 |
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A Distant Melody Does Credit to First-Time Novelist

Well-paced, with a solid Christian theme and message, A Distant Melody does credit to first-time novelist Sarah Sundin, as she describes the hardships of war surprisingly well—not backing away from the debilitating effects of death, suffering, and depression. Readers should be delighted that it is only book one in the "Wings of Glory" series.

Truths We Learn from Fiction

Some have speculated that novels have become less popular with the advent of social media. But novels are, in fact, more deeply social than your best Facebook friend ever imagined. In the best fiction, writers reveal themselves. Through characters, dialog, action, and reflection they disclose their philosophies, emotions, and beliefs.

Pastor, Prophet, Martyr, Spy: Why Bonhoeffer Still Matters

After Hitler rose to power, the Nazis tried to co-opt the German church, mixing Christian truth with Nazi doctrine. While some church leaders allowed themselves to be drawn in, Bonhoeffer refused.

Choosing a Bible Translation

Before the year 1881, you had three choices for an English Bible translation: the KJV, the KJV, or the KJV. Obviously, this is no longer the case. How did the King James Version get dethroned? Which translation is best today? Are any of the modern translations faithful to the original?

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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