Why has our Adversary, from the first day on, set his sights on Eve and her daughters?

Stasi:  Satan hates Eve and her daughters for two primary reasons. First because Eve is beautiful and he is not. Satan fell because of his pride. He was once stunningly beautiful and now, he is not. He hates beauty in all of its forms but primarily in woman as an image bearer of God. She is an incarnation of the beauty of God, and he hates it with a jealousy we don’t yet understand.

Secondly, Eve brings forth life, both physically and soulfully. Satan’s kingdom is a kingdom of death. He was a murderer from the beginning. Eve is a huge threat to Satan. (It’s worth noting that both Adam and Eve are targets of the enemy because of his deep hatred for God. He knows that in order to hurt God the most, he need only aim his malice at God’s Beloved.) But a woman will not understand the story of her life until she understands that she has an enemy.  Why is a deep understanding of Jesus’ mission and ministry essential to the restoration of a woman’s heart?

Stasi:  We believe we’ve missed the central mission of Jesus for too many years. Why did he come? What is "salvation" all about? He described his mission himself in Isaiah 61 (the passage he pointed to on the day he announced his mission in Luke 4). It speaks of a restoration and release of our hearts. What a difference it would make in a woman’s life to know – really know – that her heart matters to God and that healing is possible! Jesus says her heart is the priority of the Kingdom of God.  Let’s pick up an insightful question you raise in "Captivating." "Why did God curse Eve with loneliness and heartache, an emptiness that nothing would be able to fill?"

Stasi:  God cursed Eve with a loneliness and heartache, an emptiness that nothing would be able to fill in order to SAVE HER. Eve’s deep longing for relationship and her profound relational ache is part of the grace given to her by God to drive her to Jesus. Women try and fill it with everything else – with food, or fantasies, with people (they can never be enough) or shopping. Only God will satisfy her deepest heart.  It is wonderful that we serve a God who not only allows us to be wounded, but clearly provides a path to our restoration. What are the most essential steps that lead towards the healing of a woman’s wound?

Stasi:  Some of the most essential steps that lead towards the healing of a woman’s soul are to first, admit the woundedness. For some women, her wounds may not be blatant or her wounds may be buried. A woman needs to ask God to reveal them to her and then ask Him to come and to heal her. It is not helpful for a woman to diminish her sorrows. Every woman has experienced sorrow that is valid and needs to be grieved. Allowing the weight of the wounds to be felt, is a first step to having those wounds healed.  Why is the alluring beauty of woman most clearly revealed in the midst of pursuit?

Stasi:  A woman is most beautiful when she knows that she is loved. When a woman is pursued by a good man, a question in her deep heart is answered in the affirmative. She is wanted. She is thought to be worth pursuing. Something in her soul quiets and is allowed to rest. A woman is most beautiful when she is at rest.  Why is beauty "the most misunderstood of all the feminine qualities?"

Stasi:  Beauty is the most misunderstood of all feminine qualities. Women are led to believe that beauty is a matter of external qualities alone and that the externals are of the utmost importance. We women also have a hard time believing that we possess any great beauty of our own. The truth is, that as image bearers of our gorgeous God, every woman possesses beauty. That beauty first, is a quality of soul. It is beauty that emerges and grows over time as a woman walks with God. And that inner beauty, makes itself known in the external as well. As Hopkins said, “Self flashes off frame and face.”