How does true feminine beauty arouse the men in women’s lives?

Stasi:  True feminine beauty arouses men to “play the man”. There’s a great line Jack Nicholson speaks to Helen Hunt at the end of "As Good as it Gets": "You make me want to be a better man." A woman who is inviting, tender and vulnerable is not demanding or controlling. She inspires men to be strong, to offer their strength; physically, soulfully and spiritually on behalf of others. She believes in the men in her life and her very support and invitation encourages the men to believe in themselves.  What is an inviting, arousing woman like?

Stasi:  An inviting, arousing woman is a woman who is alive and present to her own heart. She is a woman who is not striving but is at rest in the love of God. She knows that she is loved passionately, by a passionate God, and she knows that she is safe in his love. She can risk offering her true heart, being vulnerable and tender, and invite others into deeper intimacy with and healing from Jesus.  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with us, Stasi. We have little doubt that "Captivating" will indeed do for women what "Wild at Heart" did for men!

Stasi Eldredge, who is passionate about mentoring women in finding their true identity as the Beloved of Christ, has been leading women's Bible studies for years. With a BA in Sociology and formerly on staff with Youth for Christ, Stasi now leads the women's ministry of Ransomed Heart. She has been married to John for nineteen years, and home schools their three sons with her great love for storytelling.