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Bateman, McCarthy Let Down by Script in Identity Thief

Completely runs out of laughing gas before turning into a dreadfully misguided attempt at personal reformation and redemption.

Space Warriors Grounded in Talking Points, Strong Performances

This tale of Space Camp competition and astronauts in peril works best if enjoyed multi-generationally.

Nothing Redeeming about Beautiful Creatures

Had I not been required to write this review, I would have walked out an hour before this incoherent Southern Gothic teen romance ended.

Side Effects May Include Shock, Dissatisfaction

The final product is strangely unsatisfying, moving into erotic, even perverse areas unsuited to Soderbergh's smooth, cold visual style.

Good Adaptation, Performances Can't Hide Parker's Ugly Side

The filmmakers have done justice to the novels, but that’s not to say you should rush out and rent it.

Stand Up Guys an Odd Mix of Sex Jokes, Bible Quotes

What's going on with all the God talk from these aging mobsters having one last night on the town?

Last Stand Exactly What You'd Expect in an Arnold Movie

No one will mistake The Last Stand for anything made in Schwarzenegger’s glory years, but it contains exactly what the audience expects.

Soggy Story, Strong Support Cloud Struck by Lightning

If you're weary of stories with teen characters of inflated self worth condescending to everyone around them, stay away from this one.

Cloud Atlas More Wasteland Than Wonderland

For a story that would reach into our souls, it does its best to keep us at arm's length for nearly three hours.

There's No Safe Haven from Poor Reviews

This Nicholas Sparks adaptation opened on Valentine’s Day but was forgotten by Presidents' Day.

Jack Reacher a Victim of Really Bad Timing

Tom Cruise plays yet another action hero with panache, but the timing is awful for a film with so many gun-related fatalities early on.

Even Chastain Can't Nurture Mama to Maturity

First-time director Andres Muschietti is more intent on wringing tears than terror from the audience in this thriller.

Lovable Misfits Make Silver Linings Something Special

It's anything but a typical romantic comedy. Silver Linings Playbook is more like that genre's slightly unhinged cousin.

Streisand and Rogen Make an Affable Pair in The Guilt Trip

For anyone keeping track at home, The Guilt Trip is officially actor Seth Rogen’s first PG-13 comedy.

Broken City Can't be Fixed

In this broken city the lines between good men and bad are mighty blurry. The language and flesh, however, aren't blurred at all.

Promised Land Drills Its Message Too Hard

As compelling as it has the potential to be, Promised Land is weighed down by a lack of subtlety and a heavy-handed agenda.

Gangster Squad a Stylish, Thrilling Throwback

Don't look for much in the food-for-thought department, but Gangster Squad keeps you interested in seeing how it'll play out.

This is Our Time Uses Post-College to Examine God's Timing

The suffering young characters function as role models for building meaningful lives and making choices that let them sleep at night.

Hide Your Eyes from Hyde Park on Hudson

The casting and the idea to make a movie about FDR are inspired. That's where the inspiration ends for this gross miscalculation.

Lincoln is One Stunning History Lesson

No stilted caricature, Spielberg humanizes this beloved leader without placing him on too high of a pedestal in the process.

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