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Broken City Can't be Fixed

In this broken city the lines between good men and bad are mighty blurry. The language and flesh, however, aren't blurred at all.

Promised Land Drills Its Message Too Hard

As compelling as it has the potential to be, Promised Land is weighed down by a lack of subtlety and a heavy-handed agenda.

Gangster Squad a Stylish, Thrilling Throwback

Don't look for much in the food-for-thought department, but Gangster Squad keeps you interested in seeing how it'll play out.

This is Our Time Uses Post-College to Examine God's Timing

The suffering young characters function as role models for building meaningful lives and making choices that let them sleep at night.

Hide Your Eyes from Hyde Park on Hudson

The casting and the idea to make a movie about FDR are inspired. That's where the inspiration ends for this gross miscalculation.

Lincoln is One Stunning History Lesson

No stilted caricature, Spielberg humanizes this beloved leader without placing him on too high of a pedestal in the process.

Nothing 'Big Screen' About Parental Guidance

Every step is utterly predictable, but for those who like the same ol’ same ol’, this is relatively inoffensive and mildly fun.

Breathtaking To the Arctic Lacks Focus

While the 3D photography is breathtaking, the narrative falls prey to blatant sentimentality.

Cynical Killing Them Softly Critiques Capitalism

We've seen cussing low-life criminals in a hit job gone bad before. This film tacks on a critique of the American economic system, too.

Les Miz Tries Hard but Peaks Too Soon

If Crowe and Jackman's characters were allowed to communicate through dialogue, rather than song, it probably would've worked better.

With This is 40, Apatow's Shtick is Getting Old

Unless your idea of a good time is watching a couple bicker, fight and whine about life not turning out right, this isn’t for you.

Peter Jackson's The Hobbit Rings False

Likely to leave fans hesitant and uncertain about the upcoming films, while newbies will wonder why this story is so beloved.

Zero Dark Thirty Humbles as it Inspires

One way people can express gratitude to the anonymous 'Maya' is through buying or renting this film.

Bridesmaids + More Raunch - Tender Story = Bachelorette

A recognizable cast, weddings, and raunchy pre-matrimonial hi-jinx make this a surefire crowd-pleaser, right? Wrong.

Life of Pi Full of Wonder, but a Poison Pill

Spectacularly brings to life a popular modern story. But in doing so, distorts, compromises and sells out the greatest story ever told.

Secular & Somewhat Scary, but Guardians is Great Fun

The 3D animation is outstanding, and the spectacle of rival, familiar, holiday characters out of their usual context is fun to watch.

Hitchcock Lacks Little (Except His Famed Visual Style)

Entertaining, but begs the question why a biopic of one of Hollywood's greatest directors was put in the hands of one of its greenest.

Journey Worlds Away with Cirque du Soleil

From the big top to the big screen: it’s Cirque du Soleil as a movie. Fans will likely be fascinated by this aerial ballet.

Wreck-It Ralph Simultaneously Fresh, Retro

Disney's "love letter to video games" appeals equally to kids, gamers, and grown-ups.

Unconditional Love Takes the Good with the Bad

Isn't quite able to overcome some typical hurdles of "Christian" films, but brings awareness of broken and at-risk families.

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