I like the parallel of the restored convertible car, which gives the film its name.  And even though the plot is somewhat unrealistic—as all movies are—it’s still a good story.  Some will say that this isn’t the way God always works.  We don’t always see tons of miracles, just because we decide to serve Christ.  But sometimes, we do.  After all, these filmmakers did, over and over again—and that’s what their film is about.  It’s meant to give us hope.  And toward that end, Flywheel is very successful indeed.

Would they benefit from a little nuance (not to mention a lot of money)?  Absolutely.  And their heavy-handed gospel-sharing probably won’t convert the average unbeliever.  But these dedicated amateurs have tremendous potential, and you can’t help but admire their “go get ‘em” attitude.  Believers from every background are sure to be inspired and blessed. 


  • All new commentary from Alex and Stephen Kendrick
  • Alex and Stephen Kendrick discuss their new film, “Fireproof”
  • “The Making of FLYWHEEL”
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