For the readers or viewers who know you from Critter Quest! would you say The Nature of God series is similar in terms of content and the look and feel?

It’s going to be different. Every project that I do in this nature kind of thing has a very similar mission and goal in mind behind it. However, in terms of the style and maybe the content and how we approach it, it is going to be different in each project. And so the mission in many ways is the same: to reach children, to excite them about the outdoors and equip them with the knowledge and the enthusiasm to safely explore outside. That’s the mission behind almost everything that I do. However, there are different ways and different styles to approach that mission. And with Critter Quest!, I wasn’t allowed to speak about God the Creator because it’s the Smithsonian. And so it was the worldview of a Christian without talking about it explicitly.

But the big difference I’d say, and there are some other issues, but I’d say the big difference is that The Nature of God not only directly honors God as the Creator and Artist behind the natural world, but delves into his character and delves into the design that he’s put into nature from time to time throughout the episodes. And I’m really excited about that because I feel that the presentation is very natural and isn’t heavy handed. I’ve seen some presentations where there’s nature, but then there’s like a sermon in the middle of the thing. I don’t want to be critical of other projects out there, but I think that The Nature of God, in terms of the videos, is first and foremost a nature show. That’s what it is. It’s a nature show that honors God and references him and talks about his loving character. So that’s what it is. It’s a nature show made by a Christian. There isn’t Scripture within the context of the consumer DVDs, but there is however in the curriculum and that’s how I sort of did that. The consumer DVDs is a nature show that acknowledges God; it gives glory to him. But the curriculum actually dives into some of the specific aspects of who God is and has Scripture and has Bible lessons and questions and things.  And so there’s a separate product that you can get to have those discussions and study about who God is.

Could you talk more specifically about how the curriculum DVDs go deeper?

I know that in the videos that we did we actually shot extra stuff for the video curriculum. So there are extra things. For one half hour we have three lessons and with every episode of The Nature of God there’s a theme about a character trait of God. God is loving, God is caring, God is all knowing, etc. And so that theme that is presented in the consumer DVDs is expanded upon in the curriculum DVDs where I take at least three animals out of every episode and use them as illustrations along with Scripture to remind us about how God is that character trait. And so we take a look at the dolphin, we take a look at the whale and we talk about how looking at this creature that you know God has made it and what it reminds us of how God provides for us or how he cares for us or how excellent he is. And so I explain that there’s Scripture to utilize along with that, and there’s footage of me introducing that concept and then wrapping up that concept at the end of the video. And so that would be designed for . . . it could be family, it could be homeschool, it could be a Christian private school. On the inside of the [consumer] DVDs there are discussion guides that I wrote that are specifically designed to utilize with the half-hour show for family devotions or discussion time. So when you buy that DVD, there is going to be a little guide in there which actually can double even in a Sunday School setting because there are discussion questions, there’s an introduction and there are some activity suggestions.

I’m encouraging kids to get outside. I’m encouraging and challenging parents, in this world where a whole family can be sitting in a room but none of them are with each other because they’re all in front of a screen or they’re in front of an iPod or a video game or they’re on their phone texting, and no one’s talking to each other. I say use this video to actually have real family time. Sit together, watch it together, use this guide to engage in a discussion, have a quiz game to answer the quiz questions, do a family activity, engage with each other, use this to have some quality family time. So that’s what the discussion guide in the video is supposed to do.