Well, thanks so much for taking time to talk about The Nature of God with me, Peter. I know I kept you on the phone for longer than planned. So I’ll just hang up now and go outdoors.

This is something I’d love to see succeed and get out there for families and children, so I’m more than happy to answer any questions that you have!

The Nature of God is available in DVD, book and curriculum formats. 

Consumer DVDs (*Approx. 30 min. each)
Wilderness Discoveries, Volume 1: Sand, Snakes and Screeching Birds
Wilderness Discoveries, Volume 2: Forest, Frogs, and Feisty Critters
Wilderness Discoveries, Volume 3: Bugs, Bogs, and Spiky Beasts

Ocean Adventures, Volume 1: Whales, Waves, and Ocean Wonders
Ocean Adventures, Volume 2: Fins, Foliage, and Shoreline Fun
Ocean Adventures, Volume 3: Winged Creatures, Waterfalls, and Wild Reptiles

Books (*include a bonus 15-minute DVD)
Wilderness Discoveries
Ocean Adventures

Curriculum DVDs (*include 9 lessons)
Great Lakes Discoveries: Curriculum Edition
Hawaiian Adventures: Curriculum Edition

For more information about The Nature of God series, please visit Zonderkidz.com. For more information about Peter Schriemer, please visit www.peterschriemer.com.

Watch a sample episode of The Nature of God here ...