A:  I don't know.  I hope so!  I think Winnie is a typical teenager who hasn't had any life experiences so to speak of, then she goes off and gets some experiences and figures it all out.  She's probably more mature than most kids.

H:  Hollywood is known for having a fascination with youth and being a very youth-oriented culture.  Do you think this movie will send a strong message to youth that there's more to life than looking young and being young?

A:  I hope so!  Because I've always wanted to be like 30.

H:  Really?

A:  Yeah, I think that would be a really comfortable age to be, you know yourself really well and you're comfortable in your skin.  And there's no more awkwardness--well I don't think…well hopefully not…I don't know.  (She chuckles at her perplexity over the questions.)  Yeah, I don't get the fascination with youth, because I think it's fun to be young but it's a lot of work to figure things out.  There's so much that you have to learn and change--it's too much.  (She laughs lightly again at her own philosophical statement.)  I think people at 30 have it together.

H:  So would you drink the water at 30 then?

A:  No, I still don't think I'd drink the water--well maybe at 30.

H:  So there's still a maybe there?

A:  No, I wouldn't drink the water.  (She chuckles.)

H:  Well being in the business, you've lived a lot of life already haven't you?

A:  I have!   I feel like I've lived a couple of lives already!

H:  How were the romance scenes between you and Jonathan…fun?

A:  Yeah, Jonathan was a lot of fun to work with.  He's been doing this a long time, so he's experienced and he's really sweet.  It was fun to do.  Nothing serious, just fun.

H:  So what do you have going on with your next project as far as a film goes because you're taking a break from taping "Gilmore Girls" right now right?

A:  I don't have anything firmed up yet, but I'm looking at a couple of projects.  But I'm going to do something different next tine for sure.  I want to play a totally different character from Winnie and Rorie.

H:  Are you tired of playing younger girls?

A:  I might be (she laughs then thinks for a second).  Yeah, I'm going to do something different next time, an older role.

H:  Well I wish you well in your career, and I thank you.

A:  You're welcome.  Thank you.