Starring Julia Roberts' big brother Eric, a whiz in the role of a sinister bad guy, Downes enjoyed each and every moment that made the flick come together.

Drawing from his love of Christian music over the years, the fan of everyone from Michael W. Smith to Amy Grant to Rebecca St. James loved  that his favorite artists' music were part of the movie. "To combine film and music has always been a dream of mine," Downes says. "And it was a lot of fun putting the work of artists you admire into your movie."

Then on the opposite side of the thematic spectrum, Downes and his filmmaking cohorts explored a apocalyptic motif for Six: The Mark Unleashed.

"The idea was to put our main characters, who are fish out of water into an environment where the ticking clock was being sped up all around them," Downes shares. "And then based on the information that was flying at them, what decisions would they choose to make that would impact them in the short term, and ultimately, eternally?"

Featuring Stephen Baldwin (Celebrity Apprentice, The Usual Suspects), Eric Roberts (Crash, The Dark Knight) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Taking Woodstock, Grey's Anatomy), Downes hopes that anyone who watches Six will be an encouraged in the midst of trials.

"No matter what is happening to someone, no matter how difficult or painful the circumstance, I wanted people to know that Jesus is right there for them with His arms wide open, desiring to draw us near to him," Downes shares. "Oftentimes, we get so distracted by our circumstances that we lose sight of God's love for us. Today, being a new dad to a four-month-old son, I feel like our films are a love letter that illustrates God's love for us."

What's Next?

Despite a growing collection of films to his credit, Downes isn't slowing down any time soon. In fact, he's currently overseas promoting what he feels is a "groundbreaking" effort in the faith-theme film arena, Like Dandelion Dust, which is based on a novel by Karen Kingsbury and stars Academy Award-winning actress Mira Sorvino (At First Sight, Mighty Aphrodite).

Already the winner of numerous jury and audience awards at major international film festivals, Like Dandelion Dust will is slated for release in the United States next Spring.

Downes says that two other films are also in post-production including To the Wall which features singer/actress Rebecca St. James, Stephen Baldwin and Candace Cameron Bure (Full House) and The Lost Medallion, a children's adventure story that was shot in Thailand earlier this year.

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