The Worst of the Worst

Worst Date Movie:  “50 First Dates.”  Adam Sander showed us that he is capable of something other than pure trash in his more recent “Spanglish” – but this ain’t that film.

Worst Action Movie:  “Flight of the Phoenix.”  Rappers and acting do not mix.  A dud for the talented Dennis Quaid, who fares far better with the upcoming “In Good Company.”

Worst Christmas Movie:  “Surviving Christmas.”  Ben Affleck should fire his agent.

Worst Cinderella Movie:  Too many to count.

Worst Movie About a President’s Daughter: Too many to count.  Nah, on second thought, Mandy Moore’s “Chasing Liberty” – because she skinny dips and sleeps around, then acts confused when Christians says she’s no longer a role model for her ‘tween audience.

Worst Sequel:  “The Whole Ten Yards.”  Silly story, bad dialogue, terrible acting, and lots of sex and language.  Welcome to the new PG-13.  Runner-Up:  “Bridge Jones Diary: The Edge of Reason.”  Sex, sex and more sex.  Far less inspired than the first one – and hope you like the f-word.

Worst CGI Effects: “Troy.”  Not nearly as bad a film as it could have been, with good acting by Peter O’Toole, Brad Pitt and Eric Bana, but still a huge disappointment.  And the fakest-looking sets, boats and ships I’ve ever seen.

Worst Movie of the Year?:  “Alexander.”  Angelina Jolie’s Russian accent meets Colin Farrell’s Flock-of-Seagulls hairdo in a roll-your-eyes production.  Do not pass go and return to history class, Mr. Stone.  Again.

*Please note that no Ben Stiller films were taken into consideration for this award.