Bobbie has to learn the hard way, as she proceeds to break all three rules while trying to make it big in country music.  She lies about being a singer when interviewing for a waitressing job at a sushi bar.  She leaves the ad hoc band she's formed with her Japanese co-workers in the dust when it comes time to sign an exclusive management deal and recording contract.  And she breaks a promise to her long-lost father, who she unexpectedly meets for the first time after she's achieved a little stardom. 

But in the end, and after Bobbie faces losing her voice and potentially her career, the young woman makes amends, remembers who she is, goes back home and finds her voice again when she learns to sing from her heart.

Lessons to Be Learned

"I think anybody who's ever moved from a small town to Nashville and tries to make it as a country singer has definitely had to … well, it's kind of a hard balance between doing what you need to do to get to where you want to go and doing the right thing," reflects Katrina.  "It's, you know as they say in the movie, ‘it's business.'  But it's your life, too.  So, of course, I can relate to that." 

Having had her own hard times dealing with record labels in the music business in the past decade or so, Katrina saw her most recent studio project go unreleased and has dealt with difficulties in her music career as well. 

"What I learned is that maybe what you don't want is fame … like maybe what you want to do is just make music.  And that's kind of where I come from and that's how I kind of relate to [Bobbie].  I just want to do what I do and do it well enough hopefully to get paid enough to live.  But I'm not going to sell my soul, and I'm not going to make my personal life sacrifice too much for that.  So, just know who you are and know that the gift isn't who you are."

Admitting that she's not sure she'll pursue any other acting opportunities after having such an enjoyable experience with Pure Country 2 ("This was too nice, and I got lucky"), Katrina is continuing her music career primarily as a songwriter these days.  Her most recent handiwork has been recorded by Carrie Underwood ("Change" on Play On), and a few of her songs are also featured on Rascal Flatts' upcoming project (Nothing Like This) which releases next month. 

Music Makes the Movie

Katrina's also grateful to see some of her previously unreleased work brought back to life with Pure Country 2, as Chris and composer-songwriter Steve Dorff (who also worked on Pure Country) decided to include some of her songs on the soundtrack for the film.

"This movie is music driven," Chris explains.  "It's about music, and so my challenge with music is to not just stop the movie and do some music, but to have the music drive you to the next plot or the next story or the next joke or the next line.  We wrote three or four songs, specifically to do certain things [in Pure Country 2].  'Dream Big' is obviously one that had to have something big in it, and then [Katrina] had this unreleased album, and we have four [tracks] off of that album."

As the first single to release from the soundtrack, "Dream Big," is already lighting up country radio since its debut earlier this fall.  The entire soundtrack will release later next year on February 15, and until that time the film's music can be heard when Pure Country 2:  The Gift releases in theaters in select cities on Friday, October 15, 2010. 

But Chris hopes to see the film broaden its reach to other markets as well, and has some big dreams of his own for a next film in the Pure Country series.

"If we wait 15 more years, I'm going to be in trouble," he says.  "We would like to think that there's a market for this kind of movie—something that's positive and you walk out of with a smile on your face and a tear in your eye at the same time.  We kind of think there's a place for values still in this country, [but] it's a problem convincing a major studio to do something like this."

Releasing in select cities on October 15, 2010, Pure Country 2: The Gift is rated PG (language and thematic material) and stars George Strait, Katrina Elam and Dean Cain.  For more information and to check local showtimes and availability, please visit

**This article first published on October 15, 2010.