Bad:  This is a movie for mature teens (over 17) to adults because of the adult storyline and use of obscenities. I don’t think teenagers will really “get it” (like they did “Edward Scissorhands” or “Planet of the Apes”) because it takes someone who has lived life and understands the complex issues (love, death, monogamy, parenthood) to appreciate what this movie has to say about them. The brief, partial nudity refers to two scenes:  Edward is underwater and spots what looks like a woman swimming in the nude (it’s blurred, but he thinks she’s a fish). DeVito is a circus ringmaster who changes into a wolf (not a werewolf) at night and runs into the forest after Will surprises him. The next morning we briefly see a shot of DeVito in the buff walking back to the circus from the forest -- nothing gratuitous or sexual at all -- just a brief rear shot of him walking. There are a couple of scuffles, and one of the major fight scenes consists of a boy hitting Edward because of a girl.

Bottom Line:  Burton has created a timeless classic for adults that will reel you in with a hook of hope, heart and humanity. It’s a story that will deeply touch fathers and sons, husbands and wives and ultimately reinforces the true meaning of family and friends -- but again, it does so in Tim Burton style which may not appeal to everyone. “Big Fish” is a big movie. It will keep you talking and thinking about it long after you leave the theater!