Looking Ahead

After making the promotional rounds for Kit, Breslin is looking forward to some downtime, having just wrapped the drama My Sister's Keeper with Cameron Diaz (What Happens in Vegas, In Her Shoes) and Alec Baldwin (TV's 30 Rock, The Good Shepherd). After a quick jaunt to Prince Edward Island, Breslin is looking forward to those fun sleepovers. And finding her missing iPod.

But before long, Breslin will be more than ready to return to movies. "I've had fun on every single movie I've been part of," she says. "I definitely want to work with everyone I've worked with before again. And Meryl Streep. I really like Meryl Streep."

Of course everyone likes Meryl Streep, and if Breslin continues in her success, she's got a great shot at being the next Meryl Streep. Or so says her Kit co-star. "Abigail is as mature as any adult actor I've ever worked with," O'Donnell says. "So it was a fantastic opportunity getting to play her dad. I think she'll be in the business for a good long time."

Not a bad lot for a girl as charming as your neighbor kid!

Starring Abigail Breslin, Stanley Tucci, Joan Cusack, Chris O'Donnell and Julia Ormond, Kit Kittredge:  An American Girl hits theaters in select cities (NY, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas) on June 20, 2008.  The film releases wide on July 2, 2008. 

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