Was she really that late?
Pretty late.

You’ve been in the business a long time.  You’ve done theater, voice-overs, film.  Do you feel like there’s a difference between those who’ve paid their dues and those who find stardom at a younger age?
Certainly there’s a difference between theater and film.  And I love it when big fat movie stars go to the theater.  I happened to witness one, one time.  I’d just gone backstage after one of the stars and a big movie star [came] out of his dressing room.  This woman comes out and goes, “Hey!  I’m your mothah?  Come back!  Hang up your costume!  Whassa matter with you?”  So he went back and hung up his costume.  You don’t mess with the Broadway dressers, boy.

I worry about these young kids – 15, 18, 20 years old – who in the span of one year become millionaires and powerhouses.  It’s too much power for a kid that age to handle and when these young actors are…spiraling out of control and taking drugs and drinking too much … (clears throat) … I think their managers and their agents are morally bound and perhaps legally bound to do something about it.  And so often the managers and the agents cover for them.

What’s the solution, though?
Fire ‘em.

But in a system that’s become increasingly like that …
Fire ‘em.

Like what happened with Tom Cruise?
He’s not late.

No, but he’s just being … you know …
I know the announcement [that Paramount was dropping him] was really funky – and perhaps cruel.  But more than that, the business is changing.  It’s just changing.  And I think Tom’s deal at Paramount had to change because of the nature of the business.  That’s really what was going on.  These blockbusters don’t make money like they used to.  It costs too much to make movies and the pie is getting divided in a lot more slices these days.

Has it been a problem seeing Felicity, with both of you working so much and being so successful?
Success is really not a ‘problem.’  But it sure has been something.  She’s doing this film called ‘Georgia Rule’ and ['Desperate Housewives’], and she’s been doing it for a month.  And she has now gone, I believe, four weeks without a day off.  Seven days a week for four weeks.  Because ‘Housewives’ is being so nice to her, they’re compressing her days.  So when she gets there, she works all day.  ‘Georgia Rule’ is a powerhouse of a script. I’ve read it – it’s magnificent.  She’s got some serious acting to do in this thing, and she goes 12 hours.  The other day I said, ‘I don’t get it. What’s keeping you on your feet’ and she said, ‘Gratitude.’

How does that affect your girls?
We’ve just been blessed.  I was working on a film in New Mexico, and I got back pretty much the day the "fit hit the shan" with her shooting schedule.  So I’ve been there for the kids.  I’ve been taking them to school, and it’s been so lucky.  I’ve had a lot of kid duty these days.

What’s coming up?  Are you going to be doing any directing?
I’m about to go into high work situation.  I produced a film – actually produced it i.e. raised the money.  It’s called 'The Deal,' and it’s a romantic comedy that I wrote with Steven Schachter, who’s gonna direct it.  And it’s me and Lisa Kudrow and we go to Bucharest in three weeks.  It’s based on Peter Lefcourt’s novel of the same title, and it’s an outrageously good script, if I do say so myself.  A great role for her, and a great role for me, too.