And then?
After then right after that, I’ll start preproduction, which will be in November, for 'Keep Coming Back' by Will Aldis.  I’m directing and Salma Hayek is the only one who’s attached.

Will you do more kids' movies?

Are you finding that as your girls get older you’re wanting to do more movies that connect with them?
Well, they’re just getting into the movie age, and they’re not that many of my films that they can see for awhile.  So I’d love to do some that they can see.  I’d love to be a hero to them.  In ‘Curious George’ I do the narrator on the television series.  They’ll start watching those, and we read the books all the time.  But my kids don’t get it. They don’t understand what I do for a living.

Do you find that having kids changes your perception of this industry and what is happening?
A wee bit.  I thought about it.  I was pleased to realize I didn’t have to make a huge change in my career.  I’ve always been pretty allergic to stupid violence.  I like to do films that say something about the human condition and aren’t overly violent. I’ve always thought that the writers can put as much violence in a film that they want but I would like to hold them to being truthful about it.  What’s always offended me are these films where in downtown L.A. somebody takes a machine gun and kills 14 people and there’s nary an ambulance or a siren to be heard and they apparently walk away and there’s never an investigation.  That’s just trash, and I don’t want any part of that.  I can’t stand it when the hero gets the crap beat out of him by four brawny types and in scene two he’s making love.  I say, beat the crap out of him if you want, but he’s got to stay beat up.

What were you doing in New Mexico?
I was shooting a thing called ‘Wild Hogs.’  Four middle-aged guys have sort of a crisis and get on their Harley Davidsons and drive to the coast.

Did you have to ride your own bike?
I do now, man.  And I’m hooked.

Oh, yeah.  I used to ride.  I rode little bikes when I was in college, to get back and forth to class.  First time I lived in L.A., I had a little Honda.  But I was never a Harley guy.  But now I am.

Be careful.  You know they call them “donor cycles” in the hospital.
I’m hip.  I’m hip.  They’re two kinds of people – those who’ve had a wreck and those who are gonna have a wreck.

You and Felicity seem to be doing well, despite the fame and all the temptations.  What makes a good marriage, in your opinion?
Never marry someone who’s not nice.  I’m afraid my real answer is, marry Felicity Huffman.  It’s Felicity.  I got lucky.  I got lucky – that’s what it is.

How many years so far?
Eight, but we go back a long, long way.  I’ve known her for a billion years.

Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox, “Everyone’s Hero,” starring Rob Reiner, Whoopi Goldberg and William H. Macy, opens in theaters on September 15, 2006.  The film is rated G.

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