I think you accomplished that.  What have parents told you that they appreciate about the videos?
That they know that there is a lot of humor for different ages.  One mom with five kids of different ages said that it was the first time that they’d all sat together watching and quiet.  A lot of Christians watch offensive shows like Desperate Housewives because it’s funny.  Humor will encourage people to put things into their homes that they probably shouldn’t have.  It opens doors, good and bad.  Here, the humor hits adults and it hits non-Christians.  It’s not as offensive because it’s good humor and it’s well-done.  And yet, the gospel message is still there.  It’s not banging-them-over-the-head Christianese.

What would you say your mission is?
To assist parents in teaching good morals to their kids.

And your vision?
I’d love to keep making videos.  I’d like to get them into the hands of people who are not necessarily Christians.  If I could afford it, I’d give them away.

How did God use your television background for these videos?
When you spend five years trying to break into this industry, you’re constantly running things through people who are in the business.  You’re constantly learning—how to tell a joke, how to write for kids.  Having worked with some of the best gave me a tremendous education that I could never buy.  My work with Focus on the Family also gave me a sense of writing for the family and doing the right thing.

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