Bond:  "You know you're cleverer than you look!"
Q:  "Better than looking cleverer than you are."

Let me remind you that this is a Bond movie, so go expecting the mantra to be girls, gadgets, lots of action and amazing stunts.  In fact, there's so much going on that it's almost too much action which made the movie seem longer than it is--I think I had sensory overload by the end.  I did have to laugh as I left my screening because I actually heard some critics comment (and I've already read some reviews) that this movie had some "improbable, implausible and unrealistic, stunts and spy gear" (like the Aston Martin with an ''adaptive camouflage'' button).  Duh!!!  D'ya think?  I would be concerned if any of you would go to this movie thinking any of the bizarre plot, gadgets, toys or even behavior should play as "realistic" or even make sense.  I mean seriously folks!  After all, isn't that why this franchise has lasted for 40 years, because it's complete fantasy and mindless fun for adults?

Bad:  I did notice that Die Another Day didn't offer up the usual array of cool gadgets (like other films) and a few of the special-effects looked cheesy and were rather under-whelming as well.  And I have to admit, I wasn't that impressed with the new "bad guys" because they weren't as menacing or threatening as much as just plain evil.  With all of the action going on in almost every scene, apparently there was no time for any good writing or dialogue.  Sure there are several funny one-liners but the sexual double-entendres between James and his leading ladies is so forced it's almost laughable and in fact, it's borderline stupid.  Aside from some mild language, it's the steamy sex scenes and violence that should have earned this film an R instead of PG-13.  There's no way 13-year-olds should be watching Brosnan and Berry "shagging" in between the sheets with a lot of motion, bare skin and heavy breathing--it's pretty steamy compared to other Bond movies and there are a couple of scenes with other women as well.  The violence consists of almost every kind of death imaginable with men shot, blown up, blown out of a plane, tortured, lasered through the head, stabbed and drowned, not to mention the women that fight each other (one gets stabbed in the chest).  So this is not a tame or mild 007 flick.

Bottom Line:  Parents, this is an adult movie with mature sex scenes and themes, so don't go thinking it's kid friendly.  Overall, Die Another Day is an entertaining, action-packed "popcorn" movie brougth to you by a studio that wants and needs young fans (like the ones who gave XXX its big opening) to support the franchise--thus the PG-13 rating.  This may not be the best Bond film ever made, but it definitely feels like the longest and most exhausting one with a complicated plot, plenty of incredible special effects, non-stop action and amazing stunts--and of course, the very cool Brosnan in a role he was apparently born for.