Bottom Line:  Although there are some clever and funny scenes in this movie and it is visually a wonder for kids to behold, there is still something “dark” that takes all of the fun out of it. It just doesn’t have the book's charm or “feel good” quality. Part of the problem is that it’s too much Mike Myers being Mike Myers instead of creating a wise and “kid friendly” personality for The Cat. The other part is the storyline that's been added to make the book into a movie. You can clearly tell where Dr. Seuss ends and the scriptwriters begin. Will kids enjoy this movie? I’m sure many will, especially if they are conditioned to watching movies or television with the elements I’ve mentioned above and don’t think there’s anything wrong with that kind of humor. Adults and parents who are fans of the book may be disappointed. I took my teenage son, who loved the book as a child and who enjoys Myers' style of comedy, and he didn’t think it was funny or entertaining. Sure, there are lessons and positive points made about telling the truth, learning to have fun and staying out of mischief, but it’s hard to remember those lessons or walk away with those truths when you’re exhausted from the frenetic pace the movie maintains until the end. I enjoyed “The Grinch” because it is a different kind of story, and Jim Carey was able to take liberties with that kind of character. “The Cat” has a different standard to live up to because his character takes on the role of teacher to get the kids to realize how they need to make changes in their lives. Although Myers completes the task and lessons are learned, it’s the process and what he teaches them along the way that I’m not so sure would earn Dr. Seuss' approval.