Far more significant, however, is the film’s message.  First, it shows how decadent college can be – and how difficult it is to avoid morally-ambiguous, if not downright dangerous situations, when co-eds want a social life at college.  Second, and much more importantly, “First Daughter” does something with the romantic genre that I’m not sure I’ve ever seen:  it tells us that family and honor are way more important than our feelings.  Yep – you heard me right; I’m in shock myself.  In the end, the collective good – which is the very thing Samantha’s parents need and want for her – is espoused as not only the right thing, but also that which will bring Samantha and James the most happiness.  For once in a Hollywood film, we see people listening to those parents and doing what is right – not whatever they want then trying to make it right.  Is there some kind of award we can hand out for this?  It’s incredibly rare in today’s feel-good postmodern culture, and it must be applauded. 

Ultimately, this film is not as predictable as it might seem on the surface, which will be a welcome relief to parents who not only go to movies with their kids, but also enjoy talking with them about concepts like love, marriage, responsibility and duty.


  • Drugs/Alcohol Content:   Mild drinking in background at reception; one bar scene where character becomes inebriated, but is rebuked for behavior.
  • Language/Profanity:  A half-dozen mild profanities (“Oh my god”), one profanity (“Christsakes”) and one mild obscenity.
  • Sexual Content/Nudity:  Implied sexual situation behind door, with character peaking out and telling her roommate to leave, but roommate later refers to behavior as “kissing,” same character is depicted as promiscuous because she “kisses” lots of boys, strikes occasional sexy pose and hits on several men using mild sexual innuendo; girls wear sexy clothing (short shorts, cleavage, bikinis) in several scenes; sexy dance (later referred to a strip-tease, but no clothing was removed) on bar which is later rebuked; man quickly changes shirt, revealing muscled torso; one chaste kiss, one romantic kiss
  • Violence:   Secret Service Agents use guns to attack would-be attacker who is revealed to be holding a watergun; car crashes into building entrance, implying possible kidnap, but character is whisked away to safety.