The roles you’ve been choosing really have something positive to say.  Have you been seeking scripts out like that, or are you looking for something different? And what about your role on “Sex and the City?”[From 2000-2002, as Sarah Jessica Parker’s love interest, Aidan Shaw.]

John:  That was a tough decision to make, you know.  I’m 43 and my mom’s only 20 years older than me, so she’s right there.  She watches everything I do, and I’ve never really wanted to embarrass her or see her hang her head.  I’m from Wheeling, W.Va., and it’s a small town – everybody knows me there, especially from “Northern Exposure.”  They know my mom and I never wanted to, you know, do a Playboy layout, you know what I mean?  I’d never want to embarrass her, so it was a tough decision to take that show on.  Because of the language and the nudity, I wasn’t really sure.  I didn’t know the show that well. I had seen a couple of tapes and there was just a lot of nudity, but I really wanted to work with Sarah Jessica.

Have you walked away from parts before?

John:  Oh, yeah.  I say ‘no’ more than I say ‘yes.’  I’ve got one movie coming out after this and that’s it.  Nothing on the horizon – no irons in the fire.  I just don’t want to be in those … tell those stories.

Are parts hard to find?

John:  Good ones are hard to find, yeah.  I’m just not interested in some of the movies. There have been a couple of movies that I’ve been offered, that have come out and done okay business, but you know, I’m just not interested in being in a movie where four people get their heads bashed in, man.  I don’t even like to see those movies.  I like to see the movies that I’m in – those type of movies.  I just watched “Love, Actually” the other night.  “Raising Helen” is a good movie.  I like to be in movies like that.  I try to stay away from murders and from nude scenes.  I won’t do a nude scene.  I don’t even like to do kissing scenes, believe it or not.  You know, I’ve got a girlfriend and it’s not okay for her to kiss somebody else.  It’s really creepy to go see one of your movies and be sitting next to your girlfriend while you’re making out with somebody else.  It’s a weird, weird thing to do.  And if I ever did get married, then I would never do a movie where I’d kiss somebody else – ever.  It blows me away that married people kiss other married people in movies.  When I get married, man, the lips only touch the wife.  So, I’ll work even less.

That’s an exceptional attitude, especially when we can all think of stars who shatter their marriages so they can do those kinds of movies.  Where do you think that come from for you?

John:  It just seems creepy, you know?  It’s not deeper than that, man.  It’s just weird that it’s okay if – and I’m not going to name Mel Gibson, but if Mel Gibson is making out with somebody and he’s got ... seven or eight kids, right?  When is it okay?  Who’s married in this room?  Guys – when is it okay for your wife to make out with another dude?  Is it ever okay, on any level?  If you’re at a party and you open the door, and your wife is in there with another dude [kissing] and she says, “Just kidding!”  Yeah, right!  It’s not make-believe.  It’s a good excuse.

What kind of work would you have gone into had you not gone into acting?