“Each time we do this, we get a little smarter,” Winters said. “As we get more notoriety, we get more attention. We’re building credibility, trying to show we can do good work and that there is a significant audience.”

Winter said that it’s fun being a Christian producer out in Hollywood.

“I don’t get invited to all racy parties, but I also don’t find that people deny me stuff as a Christian. It’s about the work. If you do excellent work, people respect that,” he said.

As for Peretti, he’s hard at work on another novel, in between strums on his banjo and walks beside the river around his mountain home. And success – or the money that comes with it – hasn’t changed him a bit.

“The Lord beat me up so much in the early years, before the money,” he said. “We were living in poverty for the longest time, so we learned to be content in whatever state we were in.”

He said that it’s nice to be able to give generously, and he uses the Lord’s financial provision mostly to help local ministries and his neighbors, although anonymously.

“We still have the same financial philosophy as we always had,” he said. “Only now, we get to help people with their hospital bill or with some false teeth. It’s cool to give.”

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