Besides the film, you also have a reality television series that’s in the works. Would you share a little bit about that?

It will be coming out in the late spring/early summer of next year. And it’s all about second chances. The entire show is about that—from pulling prostitutes off the streets, giving them a second chance in life down to pulling guys out of crack houses, and [giving] homeless people a second chance in life down to doing home makeovers in Uganda, down to every motorcycle that we sell—I build motorcycles and stuff—every bike that we sell [from the proceeds] we’ll be drilling a well over in Africa. So that’s what our TV show is about. It’s all about second chances.

You know I’m sure it’s going to be for a season, and you know now if they pick it up two seasons, three seasons, I mean that’s going to be all up to God, I believe, and also to the network and to the people responding. I believe it’s going to be a show that people will really grab a hold of. I tell you why. There’s a lot of reality shows out there, but there’s none that is all about helping people. So we have created the show that we believe that can be for the whole, entire family—from the youngest to the great great grandfather of the family—that everyone can sit around the TV and watch it together as a family and at the same time. When it’s over, we believe that people are going to say to themselves, “Wow, I’m going to help somebody this week.” So if we can create a show like that for the whole, entire family that people want to watch and they’re excited about watching and then they’re excited about doing something for someone, I believe we might have done something.

Apart from the feature film and the television series there is also a documentary in the works, right?

The documentary is actually done, and I didn’t think of it a minute ago and you were asking questions about accusations and stuff. And I tell the world now when people start bringing up stuff, you know I’m not going to defend myself. I don’t’ believe I have to. I believe God will overcome all that. But I tell people be patient. There’s a documentary coming out and everything, and in this documentary there’s actually people talking that might not agree with me, that might even be against me. But the documentary goes all the way back to high school teachers [and] people I went to high school with. And right now the first two-hour cut has been done. We’re dealing with someone now out of California that is wanting to do it as a series documentary, because they believe it’s just too strong. I mean we’ve got footage all the way back forty-some years. And it’s an amazing, amazing documentary, but I got a feeling that it’s going to be like a series documentary that will actually go like an eight-hour piece. But it has from children to people that I’ve helped over the years down to soldiers. I mean everything. It covers every question anybody would ever ask.

So was the documentary being shot while the feature film was also being made?

There’s a man by [the name of ] Kevin Evans. If you notice, you’ll find him on my Web site. Kevin has been travelling in Africa with me for the last six years. And Kevin has done over 200 documentaries. So Kevin has been filming me pretty nearly every trip that I go on for six years. Before that, from my very first trip to Africa, I have footage of my own. But then going back through the family, my dad used to film a lot just kind of like family filming. So we have footage all the way back ‘til I’m like two, three years old. So we have thousands and thousands of hours of filming. But then a little over a year ago, these guys that worked for us filming actually went back in to towns that I used to live at and filmed high school friends, school teachers. I mean unbelievable filming. And there’s another guy that’s involved . . . Sebastian Roché. You might have seen his trailer online. Sebastian actually went in to several different parts of the country that I lived in and also filmed, too.