We keep everybody out of our business. Even family members – nobody gets to know what’s going on between me and her. She won’t tell it and I won’t tell it, because…if we get into an argument, and we each get on the phone and start calling people, then once we make up – a few hours later – those people will still be bringing it up, days later. They start stirring the pot, telling other family members. And then, a little argument that has already been resolved in the couple has picked up legs within the family, which refuels the fire. So we’ve said that whatever happens between us stays between us. If we can’t work it out right here, then we’ll go and get somebody to help us work it out. But we’re not about to get on the phone and start telling everybody what’s going on. And it’s worked.

Are your kids the reason you’ve moved into comedy and done some of the more family-friendly films?

Not really – not just because of the kids. In Hollywood, comedy is the path of least resistance. They’re easier to get funded than dramas. The best dramas are on TV – it’s rarely dramatic movies that people are going out to see on a regular basis. 

Which do you enjoy more?

The comedies – because everybody wants to laugh. The dramas, I would love to do more, because I think there’s a lot of stories that need to be told. But it’s going to take time, as far as me and my company, to be able to command the budgets for those movies that I want to make but the studio doesn’t want to make.

Movies like “Boyz in the Hood,” you mean?

Yeah – stories that will never be told unless somebody like myself comes along and tells them.

Revolution Studios' "Are We There Yet?" stars Ice Cube, Nia Long, Aleisha Allen, Philip Bolden and Jay Mohr and releases in theaters nationwide on Friday, January 21, 2005.

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