How can we turn the tide?  By turning our backs on mediocrity in Christian-genre filmmaking.  It isn’t about BIG budgets.  The hearts of searchers aren’t looking for a BIG story.  They are searching for a story their hearts know is real.

Great filmmaking is a complicated, multi-faceted endeavor that can’t be oversimplified.  While great marketing is as important an aspect of successful Christian films as who is involved in the production, it isn’t necessarily about how much money filmmakers spend on their productions that is the key to success.  It is about telling stories about real people in real-life struggles in a way that enables viewers to discern for themselves that the real answers to life’s most difficult questions and situations can only be found in a life lived for Christ.

The Lord has a great sense of humor and the Holy Spirit certainly can – and does – use even the most poorly written, acted and produced Christian films for His purpose.  But God’s message of redemption deserves our very best efforts and commitment to quality.

We serve the God of ALL creation and He lives within us.  Because of this, mediocrity can never be part of our agenda.  It is time makers of movies with a Christian message take that to heart and live it every day.

When are Christians going to make BIG Hollywood movies?  When moviegoers support them.  And that is only going to happen when Christian filmmakers properly market films based on a strong, creative and superior-quality story. 

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