Bad:  Although I enjoyed this movie and think it deserves accolades for the beautiful cinematography, an incredible cast and the uplifting message, it still is not a perfect film. Initially, what makes this story so moving is the message of hope and restoration. (There's even a scene where the four men are in church together, implying that Charles had a belief in God.) Then, there's the other side. Aside from the mild obscene language sprinkled throughout, there's a brief scene that shows Red (beaten up by life) sitting in a brothel being seduced by a whore (no nudity or sex is shown – just dialogue) and several scenes of boxing matches and fights where Red is beaten up by opponents. But the real offense to me was the abundance of religious profanity. Why screenwriters think that cursing God and Jesus numerous times throughout a movie would add anything to the story is insulting. If anything, the language distracted from the uplifting message and focus of the story. Often times I watch movies like this and think, if the writer would have just changed one line … one line! There could have easily been a subtle, godly message that was already implied by other scenes. In one scene Charles' second wife, Elizabeth (Howard), clumsily places a St. Christopher medal in Red's hands and tells him it's for luck. He replies, "It's a little late for luck don't you think?"

Bottom Line:  Parents, I can assure you that this is not a 'kid-friendly' movie and is rated appropriately with the PG-13 warning. Because this story is true, I think it has merit and value as a teaching tool for mature teens. Horse enthusiasts will love the racing scenes and most everyone else will enjoy the tender moments between Seabiscuit and the men who loved their horse.