There is no human plan that can take us to Utopia. The man-made paradise that elites and secular dreamers have concocted will never come to pass. Government will never achieve utopia, and technology cannot construct it. So what do we say when we see films about Utopias gone wrong? Talk about Heaven.

Heaven is not dependent on human governments or technology. God created it as a place for us to live with Him. Though some have accused Christians of being "so heavenly minded that they are of no earthly good," the opposite is closer to the truth. Desiring heaven is to desire God's will and reign. Christians are taught by Christ to pray that God's "will be done on Earth as it is in heaven." As His ambassadors, we are to be the instruments of His love – not through coercion, but through gentle persuasion and good works.

Utopia is a pipe dream, but Heaven is a coming reality. Films that expose Utopia's weakness, but explore redemptive choices, give Christians an opportunity to point the way home.

Marc T. Newman, PhD ( is the president of – an organization that provides sermon and teaching illustrations from popular film, and helps the Church use movies to reach out to others and connect with people.

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