That subject is a big problem today.  There’s such backlash and red tape in the body of Christ about how you do that.  It’s fascinating because there is a tremendous shift coming in the next 20 years.  There are churches out there that are amazing, that are doing really cool, edgy stuff.  But until I went to a Palau festival, I was thinking, hey this walk kind of stinks.  And I hope I don’t sound like I’m waving my Palau pompom, but they are comprehending that times have changed.  The culture has changed.  And they’re willing to take the steps in their ministry to reach the people.  I praise the Lord for this effort.  Now is the time.  We’ve had three of the world’s biggest disasters in the last 5 years: 9-11, Katrina and the tsunami.  I’m not saying the Lord is coming back tomorrow, but I’m on a mission, and my mission is to obey him, follow him, do His will and preach his gospel as fast as we possibly can.

AR:  I understand that the terrorist attacks of 9-11 played a huge role in your coming to Christ. 

SB:  My whole testimony is absolutely freaky, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was 9-11, which was clearly a demonstration and an event, in the natural, that was impossible.  I’ve said this to people before, but if the day before 9-11 you came up to me and said, “Hey Stephen, I’m a terrorist and do you think it’s possible that two planes could take off from Boston, hit the Twin Towers and they fall down?” I would have said, “No.  In 2001, that event isn’t possible.”  That’s just me, but if you think about it, it’s hard to fly those planes into those buildings.  There are so many factors involved.

AR:  So how did that affect you, once it did happen?

SB:  If the impossible happened in my 35-year-old mind – me who was in Hollywood, who hung out with movie stars…if something that was so impossible and so cataclysmic actually happened, it left me standing there with a mindset that now, intellectually, anything was possible.  The playing field of what I perceived to be reality and the realm of possibility had totally been wiped clean.  And if the impossible was now possible – and this is just for me, I want you to understand – then in fact, it is possible that Jesus Christ could come back tomorrow.  That was the impact that 9-11 had on me.

AR:  That’s interesting.  You made the connection not that you needed to be saved, or get free from your past, but that Jesus could come back.  That was your sea-change.

SB:  That’s the next thought that I had.  Jesus Christ could come back to this planet – that is a possibility.  Then the next thought I had was, if that’s true, then where am I at, personally, in my understanding and in my experience and in my daily interaction with everything that represents?  And this incredible quantum leap occurred in my heart.  I’m a skydiver – and I decided to go the other way.  I decided that I was going to become the most insane follower of Christ.  I was going to act as if it was true, becoming a follower and a disciple of this faith and taking all of the steps that people suggest about how to do that.  Bible study Wednesday nights, Sunday morning church, Saturday night church – totally sold out.

AR:  So you weren’t a believer when you were doing all this?

SB:  No. But within one month of that I was baptized.  After my public profession of faith, though, that wasn’t good enough.  After the first half of a prophetic word came true – a word that had been spoken ten years earlier – I went back to the Lord.  I found a huge boulder and climbed on top and I lifted my hand to the Lord.  I said, “Lord, I’ve done what I needed to do in public, but now I’m coming back to you, and I need you to understand that this deal is between me and you.  And I’m telling you, Lord, that I give myself to you.  I fully dedicate myself to you a thousand percent.  You want me to stand on a box in Times Square and be mocked for being a Christian, I will.  I’ll be mocked in Hollywood.  I don’t care what they say about me, just as long as you reveal yourself to me in the most powerful way you can.  Whatever it is, this experience better be real.  It better be the Book of Acts, or I’ll curse you, God.  I’m famous.  You’ve given me a platform, and I’m telling you, if you don’t show me your power and your might and use me to make a difference, I’m telling you, you’re going to have a problem.”