It is the acting, however, which deserves the most praise.  Best known for his role as Nate in television’s “Six Feet Under,” Peter Krause is scarily stoic as the self-absorbed narcissist who doesn’t mind that his wife and best friend are sleeping together. Ruffalo, whose appearance changes dramatically with each role he plays (“13 Going on 30,” “Collateral”), portrays the smitten Jack with just the right amount of frustration and determination. As Edith, Watts is beautiful, but without much substance to her character. Dern, however, gives us a Terry that is both sympathetic and repulsive at the same time.

Unfortunately, however, the stellar performances and directing are not enough to pull this one out of the dungeon of despair. The sex is graphic and the language – well, let’s just say that Eminem’s “8 Mile” has nothing on this film.

One caveat:  if you’re cheating on your spouse or thinking about cheating, see this movie. It’s a great advertisement for how adultery kills you, your family, your kids and your friendships. Be sure to take your Prozac.


  • Drugs/Alcohol Content:   Extreme. Incessant drinking and smoking throughout the film. Characters are drunk in several scenes. One character appears to be an alcoholic.
  • Language/Profanity:   Extreme. At least 75 obscenities, including at least 35 uses of f---. Also, numerous off-color references to body parts and sexual acts. More than a dozen profanities.
  • Sexual Content/Nudity:  Extreme. Numerous sex scenes with full nudity and portrayal of sex act from various angles (although genitalia not shown onscreen); numerous scenes of adultery; explicit descriptions of sex, sexual positions and sex acts; references to homosexuality.
  • Violence:  Married couples argue vociferously and throw/break things. Portrayals of domestic violence where husband raises fist at wife (but does not hit her) and throws her to ground.