Bad: Aside from the obvious reasons why you might like this movie, there's an abundance of reasons why you might not. Numerous profanities and obscenities are overused in this movie with everything from mild language to religious profanities and exclamations. Violence is in almost every scene of this movie which consists of a tremendous amount of brutal action and sci-fi oriented fighting. The T-X machine kills an army of people, but perhaps the most disturbing deaths are the several high school students she executes because they will become future leaders in John's resistance. Although no bloody hits are shown or bodies seen, it's still implied. I was amazed at how much property is damaged in this movie! I'm talking huge buildings ripped apart, tons of car crashes, lots of explosions and of course, a gazillion rounds of ammunition fired. Then there's the special effects with Skynet killer machines wreaking havoc on a whole building. Several scenes showing bloody characters are unsettling. Loken is the most intense character dishing out her own brand of violence. There's a scene where Conner takes drugs to stop the pain from an accident injury. There are numerous sexual references (the T-X spots a Victoria's Secret billboard and makes her bra get bigger under her clothes). The T-X unit arrives nude at night, (like Arnold does) bent over and briefly shown from the side. There are a couple of shots of the Terminator's bare backside when he arrives (fully nude). We then see his nude backside in the shadows as he walks toward a bar and tells a male stripper to take off his outfit (all in leather) and give it to him for clothing. There are numerous bloody scenes involving people being shot or cut with a blade. Arnold performs surgery on his android chest. The T-X drives her fist and arm through the back seat of a car (also killing the passenger), and sticks her fist through the driver's chest to ultimately steer the car. The T-X kicks the Terminator's head and nearly decapitates him (two times we see the head hanging backwards from his body). A driver is rear-ended by John and threatens his life and much, much more. There are so many scenes of violence (including a scene of nuclear destruction), that I can't possible list them all. I do need to point out that this movie also had excessive violence between a man and woman fighting. Sure they are both supposed to be robots, but there are still several scenes that show a man and woman hitting, punching and smashing each other to bits … literally. There are a couple of memorable scenes with unusual action that people will probably talk about: one takes place in a bathroom that completely gets destroyed by the two androids and another takes place with a large crane truck in pursuit of John who's in a small truck. Both result in a great deal of property being damaged or destroyed. Those scenes are kind of like the ones in "The Matrix Reloaded" – people will talk about them. In truth, the war between man and machine is depicted as brutal and cold – exactly what a war between man and machines would end up being.

Bottom Line: This is clearly an R rated movie for the adult sci-fi fans and in no way should be seen by underage kids or adolescents. Parents, it's up to you to be discerning for what is appropriate even for your teenager. Although I enjoyed this sci-fi fantasy for the storyline, the abundance of profanity was too much, along with the excessive violence. I also had to chuckle at the line, "your fate is what you make it" because as a Christian, aren't we glad that our eternal "fate" is NOT defined by what we "make it"?