The film and its cast and crew will garner numerous awards.  Some will definitely be merited.  Others will simply be consolation prizes, awarded because of the dearth of quality movies released in 2004.  It’s been a very bad year, indeed.  Still, “The Aviator” is worth seeing.  Particularly if you like Impressionism. 
AUDIENCE:  Adults only.


  • Drugs/Alcohol Content:   Heavy.   Drinking and smoking throughout film; many nightclub and cabaret scenes.
  • Language/Profanity:    Heavy.   At least 60 obscenities and 60 profanities (including at least 40 uses of “GD”).
  • Sexual Content/Nudity:    Heavy.   Mother washes nude adolescent boy in provocative way; numerous sexual references and overt innuendos; courtroom discussion about cleavage and a dozen enlarged photos of same; several shots of rear male nudity of main character, who walks around nude and urinates into bottles; main character has sexual relationship offscreen with 15 year-old as well as numerous other women, cohabitating with one.
  • Violence:  Heavy.   Archival film footage of wartime violence, particularly pilots under attack (bloody faces) and deadly crashes; several instances where main character is in danger during a flight – once crash-landing, another time hitting several homes containing people before landing on ground, where plane crashes and erupts into flames.