It's sad, really, that Disney, once a champion of family films that were innovative and broadly appealing to entire families, has been reduced to the perfunctory storytelling and run-of-the-mill scripts like the one for G-Force, written by a team of five: Corman and Marianne Wibberley—the screenwriting team behind Disney's National Treasure 2—with assistance from three additional writers. And what did they produce? Comic lines like, "Get your butt out of my face," and, "Fifty billion rodents in the world and I get stuck with this guy." But comic timing is difficult when the entire film has such a poor sense of narrative rhythm.

The film is jazzed up only by a 3-D presentation, but even those moments deliver few eye-popping delights. It doesn't take special glasses to realize that nearly every other element of G-Force is strictly one-dimensional.

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  • Language/Profanity:  No profanity; one casual use of "thank God"; some jokes about breaking wind and uncontrollable bowel movements; a rodent exclaims, "Holy foxes!"; rodents are called "idiots"; "butt"; "suck"; a guinea pig excitedly uses the phrase "pimp my ride" and refers to a "big momma with the baby disease."
  • Smoking/Drinking:  None.
  • Sex/Nudity:  None, just some flirting with and competition over a female guinea pig.
  • Violence/Crime:  A diabolical plot that involves global extermination; threat of "a knuckle sandwich"; a man throws a rodent in a pet store into a container next to a snake; a mole ends up in a trash compactor and is feared dead; hamster rides a jet of water from a sprinkler and has a hard landing; car chases and car wrecks; huge explosions.