That said, the sequel feels less serious than the first film. Several long stretches of quiet footage build to minor incidents that can easily be explained away as something other than the result of evil spirits. This approach is less intense than that of the first Paranormal Activity, and it lulls viewers into thinking that nothing of consequence will happen—until the film takes a more serious, violent turn.

Is there a broader point to these stories? If so, it hasn't been made clear. The filmmakers may be saving it for yet another sequel (which is sure to come), although after two films with the same style and approach to the material, one can't help but wonder if the filmmakers have figured out the point of their own story, or if they're just stringing viewers along.

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  • Language/Profanity:  Lord's name taken in vain; "poop"; discussion of where a baby was conceived after "mommy seduced daddy"; "holy crap"; more than five "f" words, and one "effing awesome"; crude reference to female sex organ; "s-it.

  • Smoking/Drinking/Drugs:  Drinks are offered, with the admonition, "don't get wasted."

  • Sex/Nudity:  A wife in a bubble bath invites her husband in and makes reference to sex; a teen boy kisses a girl and jokes that the spirits in the house are "horny."

  • Violence/Crime:  A dead bird; a woman is violently attacked by an unseen spirit; a man's neck is snapped; a woman is attacked; a child is menaced by a spirit.

  • Religion/Morals:  Martine engages in rituals to cleanse the house of "bad spirits" and allow in "good spirits"; the husband kicks Martine out, saying he "doesn't believe in that [religious] stuff" and doesn't want any of it in his house; he exaggerates by saying Martine had been "slaughtering goats" as part of her rituals; daughter tells her father they should hold a séance; dad says he doesn't want to hear "any more haunted house crap"; daughter speculates that the house has a demon rather than a ghost; discussion of the possibility that a relative made a bargain with the devil that will cost the life of the firstborn male in the family; Martine offers the husband a crucifix, but he asks what he's supposed to do with it.