Jarecki's film is grounded by Gosling's strong performance as David, and by the other actors, all of whom shine. Nevertheless, the film is largely conjecture, and although it's interesting speculation, it feels like a hit job on a man for crimes for which he has never been charged. The final impression the film leaves is one of unseemly guesswork and tabloid tactics that are more worthy of rebuke to the filmmakers than to Durst himself.


  • Language/Profanity:  "F" word; "Jesus"; "a-s"; "a-shole"; "hell"; "motherf-----".

  • Alcohol/Drugs:  Smoking and drinking, including drug use, at several moments during the film's running time, including joints and lines of cocaine; drinking and driving.

  • Sex/Nudity:  Katie and David live together; they are first shown in bed kissing, but nothing is seen below their shoulders; later, after they're married, he removes her underwear and they undress each other as they kiss, and the film cuts to after they've had sex; Katie is shown in a bikini; Times Square is shown in an era when it was populated by prostitutes and sex shops; a brief second from a porn movie can be seen; David strips to his underwear and jumps in a lake; Katie, breasts exposed, joins David in the shower and they kiss; David dresses as a woman while in hiding.

  • Violence/Crime:  Film revolves around the murder of multiple people, discussed through audio recordings and once shown; David saw his mother jump to her death, and we hear about the condition of the mother's body after impact; David throws a chair and knocks down a bookshelf; a woman is shown at an abortion clinic, and she later expresses confusion about whether or not she regrets the act; David grabs Katie by the hair and forces her out of a house; Katie flees to a neighbor's apartment in fear, but returns to David's apartment, then is seen the next day with a black eye; visual evidence of a dog's death; David keeps handguns in a drawer; a woman is shot, and her corpse shown against a blood-drenched floor; a man falls down, dead; a killing is claimed to be self-defense; a bloody saw is shown as a man dismembers a body; the body parts are dropped in bags off a bridge.

  • Religion/Morals:  David and Katie begin living apart but stay married; Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan is shown telling an aide to return incriminating evidence to the Markses because the issue is "a family matter."

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