Bad: Having said all my praises for the good parts, there are a couple of things parents of younger children should make note of. This is an action/adventure movie so…the PG rating is for several fight scenes (between teens an adults) and some intense and scary chase scenes and situations. The teen characters are kidnapped, threatened and almost killed in an explosion. Due to the mature storyline full of action and intense fight scenes, this is NOT a movie for children under 6 who scare or frighten easily. Not only will little ones have a hard time discerning what is real and what fantasy is, but the intense fight scenes might have them covering their eyes. I was sitting next to a 4 year-old who buried her face in her mother's chest the last 15 minutes of the movie because of the intense action. At the end she loudly exclaimed, "I didn't like that movie, Mommy.  It was scary." Her 8 year-old sister then chimed in, "It wasn't scary!" So you see--there is a big difference in perception within just a few years. There are also some subtle sexual innuendoes, suggestive dialogue that older kids and teens might find humorous, and a few sexy skintight outfits on Harmon. One small thing that I feel I need to mention. Generally I don't care for kids' movies that make the parents look as if they're mental morons or buffoons. I realize that with a secret agent plot, there has to be an implication that the parents don't know what's going on so that our hero can get away with his double identity. But I still take issue with making parents look stupid and disconnected from their kids' lives. In the end, Cody's parents applaud him for his "secret" job, but they still aren't cool. That's why I enjoyed Spy Kids; the parents were portrayed as hip, intelligent, spies and the kids didn't belittle their parents.  Everything was a family effort and supported.

Bottom Line: I see sequel written all over this movie and deservedly so! This is a movie that doesn't insult your intelligence just because it's made for kids. It's a fun movie to watch with an interesting plot, great character portrayals, lots of action, incredible special effects and gadgets and fun nods to the adults by sneaking in references to Dr. Strangelove, Star Wars, Barbarella, Moonraker and Goldfinger. Parents, this is a movie your older kids and teens will enjoy - and 'secretly' you will too.