• Drugs/Alcohol:  One reference to drug use.
  • Language/Profanity:  A smattering of profanity including a couple of instances where the Lord's name is taken in vain.
  • Sex/Nudity:  There are several sexual innuendos throughout including some in very poor taste. Also, Mary's first—and really, only—date with Steve gets off to a sexually charged start. After changing into a bra-revealing top and a very short skirt, Mary initiates an aggressive kiss that escalates into Steve fondling her breasts. Before things go much further, Steve realizes she's a bit, well, odd and calls the date off prematurely.
  • Violence:  Most of the violence is played for laughs like when Steve falls from his camera platform and sustains minor injuries. Mary and a driver she accepts a ride from joke about him not killing or raping her. In the movie's more "serious" subplot, several hearing-impaired children fall down a well. Mary, and later, Hartman (Thomas Haden Church), joins them.
  • Spiritual References:  Mary's middle name is Magdalene, and she quotes the Bible from time to time.

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