Unfortunately, the little stars didn’t see “Uncle Ian’s” dark underbelly, and soon they find themselves waaaay over their heads and completely exhausted.  They have to wonder …  will Dave find and rescue them, or does he even care?

Alvin and the Chipmunks is adorable, and it’s even fun for adults to watch the combination of live action and stellar animation.  With it’s sweet story that has tons of humor, romance, and even a memorable moral, it’s a delightful holiday movie for the whole family.

There are only a few elements that may make some parents cringe, however.  Scatological humor is the first.  There are several portrayals of bodily noises and functions, and at one point in the movie, Dave is chastising one of the chipmunks for leaving what looks like a “dropping” on the couch.  Another chipmunk insists it’s a raisin, and Dave makes him eat it.  As soon as Dave leaves the room, he spews the item in question across the room and screams, “You owe me—big time!”

The other cringe factor occurs when the chipmunks are touring the country with their new album.  Their back-up dancers are girls whose pudgy, exposed bellies are gyrating under their way-too-short-and-tight blouses.  Why is this the style lately?  Have all these girls no mothers?

Other than that, Alvin and the Chipmunks is truly a “really, really great and funny movie” that kids of all ages will not want to miss this Christmas. 


  • Drugs/Alcohol:  None.
  • Language:  None, though there are a few lightly crass comments and some scatological humor.
  • Sex:  None, but girls with exposed bellies gyrate on stage.
  • Violence:  Light, slapstick, cartoon violence.
  • Worldview:  Moral, with clear lesson on which kind of parent kids really need.