If there’s a message among the predictably “outrageous” gags in American Reunion, it’s delivered to Jim by his father, who cautions that although married couples become moms and dads, they need to remember that they’re also husbands and wives. They need to maintain intimacy even through the disruptions that come with parenthood. But no sooner is that core message uttered than the film returns to the low humor the American Pie series is known for.

The cast plays these familiar characters well, but the material doesn’t exactly call for them to stretch their acting muscles. Nor does the movie contain a single memorable image, although no one who’s interested in these movies will be scrutinizing the technical aspects of the filmmaking.

American Reunion is about what you’d expect from a franchise well into its second decade—a teen sex comedy about characters that long ago left their teenage years behind. At moments in American Reunion, the characters show signs that they’re ready to grow up. Isn’t it time for the movie’s potential audience to do the same?


  • Language/Profanity: Lord’s name taken in vain; several crude references to male and female anatomy; explicit sexual language can be heard on Internet porn sites that a married man views; multiple uses of the “f” word; several verbal references to masturbation and premature ejaculation.
  • Alcohol/Smoking/Drugs: Several scenes of drinking, including a birthday party where the birthday girl has just turned 18; a man and woman share a joint.
  • Sex/Nudity: A married man looks at Internet porn sites and discovers his wife masturbating in a bathtub; later he looks at a Dr. Phil Web site with the title, “Is Your in a Sexual Life in a Rut?”; a wife takes off her top and is seen in her bra; a character who’s just turned 18 and who is drunk removes her top and comes on to a married man, who ends up carrying her, unclothed above the waist, while she’s unconscious; bikini-clad women have bottoms that expose most of their buttocks; a woman bends over, and her thong-like underwear is shown between her legs; a man rubs a picture of a woman on his crotch; a man slaps women’s behinds; a man’s penis is shown; pornographic magazine covers are shown, and characters look at the inside pages; jokes about homosexuality; gay characters discuss their sexuality and kiss each other; nude male backsides are shown; a woman in her underwear gives a man a massage in bed; erotic dance moves; a T-shirt reads “Orgasm Donor”; implied oral sex; a woman grabs a man’s crotch.
  • Violence/Crime: A man defecates into a cooler as a form of retaliation, and another man reaches into the cooler and removes his feces-covered hand; men jump off a roof; men fight a group of younger boys.
  • Marriage/Religion: Married characters are tempted with infidelity; one couple decides they need to spend more time in the bedroom; advice is offered that when people become a mom and dad, it’s important that they don’t stop being husband and wife; a reminiscence about Hebrew school.

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